Today Gold Rate In Guntur | 22k & 24k Gold Prices

Gold Rate Guntur
Last updated: 1 Hour Ago
Today Gold Rate in Guntur
₹ 5,385
(Gold Rate (22K) per gram)
Today Gold Rate in Guntur
₹ 5,654
Gold Rate (24K) per gram)

Today Gold rate in Guntur are determined by the worldwide gold prices, which can be influenced by several external factors such as a change in global standards, central bank gold book, varying interest rates, jewellery markets, etc.

Get Exact Information about Guntur 24k gold (99.9 ) price today and also find the 22 Carat and 24 Carat Gold rate in Guntur. Gold is generally sold as pieces of jewellery and other related products.

This is mainly for own consumption during some important moments such as marriages, festivals, etc. Individuals in Guntur prefer to invest in gold because they have ideally been assured and reliable with Highly Returns compared to other forms of Investments. So We’ve listed gold prices today in Guntur.


22 Carat Gold Price in Guntur Today (Per Grams)

Grams Gold Rate in Guntur (Today) Gold Rate in Guntur (Yesterday)
1 Gram ₹ 4,919 ₹ 4,948
8 Grams ₹ 39,352 ₹ 39,584
10 Grams ₹ 49,190 ₹ 49,480
100 Grams ₹ 4,91,900 ₹ 4,94,800


24 Carat Gold Price in Guntur Today (Per Grams)

Guntur 24k Gold (99.9 ) Price Today?

Guntur 24k Gold (99.9 ) Price Today is 56,540 Indian Rupees, and the 22 carats Gold rate in Guntur is 53,850 Indian Rupees. 1 Gram 24 Carat Gold Rate is Rs.5,654 and 1 Gram, 22 Carat Gold Rate is 5,385 Indian Rupees.


What Parameters to check before buying the Gold in Guntur?

  • Quality Check of Gold

It is one of the essential factors that a consumer has to check before buying the Gold Jewelries.

  • Comparison of Gold Prices

The Comparison of Prices is also representing a vital act before buying the Gold Jewelleries. So The customer should compare the price of the gold at several jewellery shops across the city of Guntur.

We can notice that the making charges of the Jewelleries vary from one store to another so It’s Very Important to Crosscheck the Prices

  • Any Special Seasons

We can Clearly Observe that generally, the gold price will rise during the Marriages Season (April to June) and Festive Seasons also. So It’s better to Buy earlier of these Demanded Seasons.

  • Material Weight

It’s Mandatory to check the weight of the Gold jewellery before making a purchase. We should check that the price of the Gold included The gems like diamonds, pearl, and ruby, or not.

  • Check Certification

In India, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) was an individual agency to verify and confirm the gold Price of gold.


What are the types of purities of Gold in Guntur?

Generally, Carats are defining the pureness of the gold Material. There are Different types of purities of gold in Guntur.

Available Carats Purity Level
8 Carats 33.3%
9 Carats 37.5%
10 Carats 41.7%
14 Carats 58.5%
17 Carats 70.8%
18 Carats 75.0%
21 Carats 87.5%
22 Carats 91.6%
23 Carats 95.6%
24 Carats 99.9%


How to Find Latest Gold Prices in Guntur?

Here, you can find the Latest Updates on the Gold prices in Guntur. If you want to invest money in gold, Its better to buy gold when the rate is low.


Differences between 22 Carats and 24 Carats Gold?

Carat is a standard method to calculate the pureness of the gold. There are various types of Carats of gold available, but 24 Carats & 22 Carats, are mostly Considered to buy respectively.

22 Carats:

22 Carats gold is made by 22 parts of gold, and the remaining two pieces are making over other elements like nickel, silver, different mixtures.

In 22 Carats gold, only 91.67% includes purified gold. The remaining 8.33% contains other alloys.

24 Carats:

24 Carats have known as the pure form of gold. In 24 Carats Gold total of 24 parts are made up pure form without any other alloys.
It is also known as the highest form of gold. Due to the soft nature of this 24 Carat gold is not fitting for fabricating ornaments.


Is it necessary to Compare Gold Price in Guntur?

Yes, It is essential to Compare the Gold rate in Guntur that before purchasing the Gold, because we may get a little difference in gold prices from one shop to another shop in Guntur.

We could observe that the Last 10 Years ago, The gold price was very less in Guntur. The cost of Gold has Drastically increased day by day. So there is no exact rate for Gold, that’s why it’s always important to cross-check the gold rates twice before buying in Guntur.

Here We are Providing day to day live Gold Prices in Guntur. So you could compare all the prices and compare them with Jeweller Shops in Guntur.

We can also mind that some bigger jeweller shops can charge more money on jewellery making also. So It’s very important to check their Making Chargers also.


What is the Hallmark gold in Guntur?

Hallmark refers to the certificate given by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). In India, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) was an individual agency to verify and confirm the gold Price of gold.